How to Manage Diabetes during Ramadan Fasting : 55 FAQs

Ramadan is an important month for Muslims all over the world. Since Ramadan requires prolonged day time fasting, it produces changes in the metabolic milieu of the human body. As you can imagine, it can have a significant impact on a metabolic disease like Diabetes mellitus. In this article we have answered some frequently asked … Read more

Is Sugar-Free (Artificial Sweeteners ) Good for Diabetes?

Diabetes can defiantly limit a patient’s food options. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances known to man, and once diagnosed to have diabetes, there is a strong need to avoid sugary foods to maintain their blood sugar level. There are Low-calorie sweeteners or sugar substitutes which are commonly used in foods to reduce … Read more

Is Keto Diet Good for Diabetics?

Over the last decade or so tremendous amount of research has been done in the field of obesity.

We have understood we are, “What we eat”, “When we eat” and “How much we eat”. With not many pills to tackle obesity we have realized the hidden potential of food as medicine.

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What are the Best Foods to Eat to Prevent Diabetes?

The most important thing to prevent diabetes has a healthy lifestyle. Diet forms an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Increased calorie intake will lead to weight gain and thereby increase the risk of diabetes. The first step to concentrate on a diet to prevent diabetes is to modify calorie intake as per the weight/body … Read more

What Foods to Avoid with Diabetes?

A balanced meal pattern, regular exercise, and drug therapy will form the pillars of diabetes management in most people.

The dietary plan affects glucose levels and has a prominent effect on lipid profile and blood pressure patterns.

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Is Coconut Good for Diabetics?

Edible parts of coconut include coconut water, milk, meat and coconut oil.

Mature coconut water (MCW) is a low calorie, low-fat drink with minerals and antioxidants.

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Is Papaya good for Diabetes?

Papaya is a tropical fruit found in all seasons across the country. It contains a large amount of sugar in the form of glucose and fructose, which are simple sugars.

So it is natural to have concerns about whether people with diabetes can consume it.

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Can People with Diabetes Eat Mangoes?

Mango is the king of fruits, and most of the people in India love to eat it. But because of its sweetness, many people with diabetes try to avoid eating it or are advised not to eat mangoes.

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