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About Us

About Diabetes.co.in

Diabetes.co.in is your trusted source for credible and reliable health information, especially on diabetes management. In this site, you will have access to information that will enrich your knowledge of diabetes, expert tips, insights, and self-care – all written by the best people in the healthcare industry – endocrinologists and expert allied healthcare professionals.

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Who We are and Our Mission

We are a platform committed in bringing the latest and authentic information on India’s biggest health issue, diabetes to you.

Our team of medical experts comprises endocrinologists who are super-specialists for diabetes. Indians seem to be at the epicentre of Diabetes. To date, there are over 62 million Indians with Diabetes in India, and the number is foreseen to reach 85 million by 2030.

The growing number of endocrinologists, healthcare professionals specializing in the treatment of diabetes, is a welcome step to the growing number of people with diabetes.

However, with only a few thousand endocrinologists available in our country of more than a billion population, it would be prudent if the general public is educated on diabetes basic facts, symptoms and preventative measures to keep the blood sugars within a healthy level.

As endocrinologists and healthcare advocates, our mission is to educate public about diabetes about proper diabetes management and prevention of complications through timely, reliable, accurate, and dependable content.

Medical Review Board

The medical accuracy of every article you read is checked and verified by our team of certified endocrinologists.

To know more about our Medical Review Board, Please visit this page.

Last updated on April 10, 2021