Is Papaya good for Diabetes?

Papaya is a tropical fruit found in all seasons across the country. It contains a large amount of sugar in the form of glucose and fructose, which are simple sugars.

So it is natural to have concerns about whether people with diabetes can consume it.

Let’s see the glycemic parameters of Papaya:

  • 1 cup of sliced Papaya (150 grams) has 11 grams of sugar, amounting to 44 calories.

Glycemic index ( how much a food item increases your blood sugar levels once you eat it) of Papaya is higher than many other fruits.

It’s GI is 60, which places it in the medium GI category.

  • But due to the high water and fiber content in this fruit, it’s glycemic load is only 6.4 for 1 cup or 150 grams, which fall in the low glycemic load category.
  • Although it has 11g carbohydrates in it, it amounts to only 6.4 grams of net carbs.
  • Fibers in papaya help keep it from being a high GI fruit.

Additional advantages of using Papaya as fruit servings in people with diabetes are:

  1. Found in all seasons and relatively cheap
  2. Good source of potassium, vitamin C (88%) and beta carotene
  3. 1 cup sliced Papaya has 1.6 g fiber in it, gives a feeling of fullness and is suitable for people who want weight loss
  4. The enzyme papain is a powerful digestive enzyme, and fiber content helps in preventing constipation

Hence, Papaya is an excellent choice as fruit servings with enormous potential benefits in people with diabetes if consumed in moderation.

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