Dr. Subhodip Pramanik



Education and Training

  • DM Endocrinology – IPGMER Kolkata (2017)
  • DNB Endocrinology – 2018
  • SCE in Diabetes and Endocrinology – Royal college of physicians, UK (2018)
  • MRCP – Royal college of physicians, Ireland (2020)
  • MD General Medicine – Burdwan Medical college (2014)
  • M.B.B.S – Medical college, Kolkata (2011)

Work Experience

Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, Neotia Getwel hospital, Siliguri.

Clinical Trials

Co-Investigator for SUSTAIN 8 trial (Funded by Novo Nordisk).

Honours / Awards

  • Winner Endocrine Society of India AV Gandhi award 2018
  • First runner up in Endocrine Society of India National quiz in 2016
  • Winner in Thyroid quiz ITSCON 2015
  • Winner in oral paper presentation in IDEACON 2017
  • Hons in Biochemistry, Community Medicine.
  • Gold Medalist in Pathology
  • Hons of 1st Certificate in Surgery
  • Winner in zonal round of TYSA 2013
  • First runner up in state ISHTM quiz 2012.

Thesis Work

  • Comparative study of coronary angiographic finding and left ventricular ejection fraction in diabetic and non-diabetic groups.
  • Thyroid function in pregnancy –an Eastern Indian perspective

Undergoing Projects

  • Levothyroxine absorption test
  • Study of Transgender
  • Autoantibodies in Type I diabetes
  • Subclinical Hypothyroid in Diabetes
  • Prevalence of Iodine deficiency in Eastern India

Skills & Expertise

  • Expert in management in Diabetes and thyroid disorders from pediatric to adult population
  • Expert consultation for every Endocrinal disorders
  • Skilled in Thyroid Ultrasound
  • Special interest in Thyroid in pregnancy, diabetic foot, pediatric endocrinology and adrenal disorders.
  • Competent in all endocrine dynamic tests in In-Hospital setting.
  • Trained and skilled in managing Endocrine Emergencies.

Conferences Attended

  • APNBCON 2019 Speaker on Glycemic management in CKD
  • World thyroid day Symposium 2019: Chairperson on Thyroid Ophthalmopathy
  • Doctors day Symposium 2019: Chairperson on Vildagliptin in CKD
  • ESICON 2018: Outstanding poster award for “Total T4 trend in pregnancy”
  • EZAPICON 2018 – Speaker on Simplify glycemic management
  • API meet at Hooghly 2018: Speaker on Simplify glycemic management
  • ESICON 2015 Poster 1: Leri Weil Syndrome: An under recognized cause of short stature
  • ESICON 2015 Poster 2: Thyrotoxicosis and neuromuscular dysfunction: a tale of three cases
  • RSSDI 2015 Oral Presentation: Diarrhoea cures Diabetes—Miracle or Science?’
  • IDEACON 2016 oral Presentation: Profile of CKD MBD in Eastern India
  • Pituitary Update 2016 Poster: Houssay phenomenon: Hypopitutarism leading to remission of Diabetes
  • ESICON 2016 Poster: Trimester specific reference range of thyroid function and prevalence of iodine deficiency in Eastern Indian pregnant women
  • RSSDI 2016 Poster: Prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency among Type 2 Diabetes patients in a Tertiary care hospital in Eastern India.


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