Dr. Subhodip Pramanik

9 Years of Experience

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Education and Training

DM (Endocrinology)
IPGMER Kolkata
DNB Endocrinology
SCE in Diabetes and Endocrinology
Royal college of physicians, UK
Royal college of physicians, Ireland
MD General Medicine
Burdwan Medical college
Medical college, Kolkata

Work Experience

Senior Consultant Endocrinologist
Neotia Getwel hospital, Siliguri

Clinical Trials

Co-Investigator for SUSTAIN 8 trial (Funded by Novo Nordisk).

Honours / Awards

  • Winner Endocrine Society of India AV Gandhi award 2018
  • First runner up in Endocrine Society of India National quiz in 2016
  • Winner in Thyroid quiz ITSCON 2015
  • Winner in oral paper presentation in IDEACON 2017
  • Hons in Biochemistry, Community Medicine.
  • Gold Medalist in Pathology
  • Hons of 1st Certificate in Surgery
  • Winner in zonal round of TYSA 2013
  • First runner up in state ISHTM quiz 2012.

Thesis Work

  • Comparative study of coronary angiographic finding and left ventricular ejection fraction in diabetic and non-diabetic groups.
  • Thyroid function in pregnancy –an Eastern Indian perspective

Undergoing Projects

  • Levothyroxine absorption test
  • Study of Transgender
  • Autoantibodies in Type I diabetes
  • Subclinical Hypothyroid in Diabetes
  • Prevalence of Iodine deficiency in Eastern India

Skills & Expertise

  • Expert in management in Diabetes and thyroid disorders from pediatric to adult population
  • Expert consultation for every Endocrinal disorders
  • Skilled in Thyroid Ultrasound
  • Special interest in Thyroid in pregnancy, diabetic foot, pediatric endocrinology and adrenal disorders.
  • Competent in all endocrine dynamic tests in In-Hospital setting.
  • Trained and skilled in managing Endocrine Emergencies.

Conferences Attended

  • APNBCON 2019 Speaker on Glycemic management in CKD
  • World thyroid day Symposium 2019: Chairperson on Thyroid Ophthalmopathy
  • Doctors day Symposium 2019: Chairperson on Vildagliptin in CKD
  • ESICON 2018: Outstanding poster award for “Total T4 trend in pregnancy”
  • EZAPICON 2018 – Speaker on Simplify glycemic management
  • API meet at Hooghly 2018: Speaker on Simplify glycemic management
  • ESICON 2015 Poster 1: Leri Weil Syndrome: An under recognized cause of short stature
  • ESICON 2015 Poster 2: Thyrotoxicosis and neuromuscular dysfunction: a tale of three cases
  • RSSDI 2015 Oral Presentation: Diarrhoea cures Diabetes—Miracle or Science?’
  • IDEACON 2016 oral Presentation: Profile of CKD MBD in Eastern India
  • Pituitary Update 2016 Poster: Houssay phenomenon: Hypopitutarism leading to remission of Diabetes
  • ESICON 2016 Poster: Trimester specific reference range of thyroid function and prevalence of iodine deficiency in Eastern Indian pregnant women
  • RSSDI 2016 Poster: Prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency among Type 2 Diabetes patients in a Tertiary care hospital in Eastern India.


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