Can you Check the Sugar (Glucose) Without Pricking your Finger ?

The answer to this is ‘Yes‘. We have the technology available at the present moment, which can help you check your sugar (glucose) without pricking your fingers. This is done via a continuous glucose monitor or CGM.

CGM is a device that is inserted into either your arm or abdomen, and it takes reading from your interstitial fluid (i.e., The small amount of liquid between your tissues).

It calibrates the same for the blood glucose value based on complex algorithms.

The earlier generation CGM devices required calibration, i.e., checking your blood sugar value simultaneously to get an accurate reading.

However, some of the current generation devices do not require calibration. That means, once the device is inserted, for the time-period mentioned by the manufacturer, you would be able to check your glucose value by pricking yourself.

Here is a video on how this can be done:

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