What are the Side Effects of Insulin Injection?

Insulin is used in the treatment of patients with most types of diabetes. Need for insulin depends upon the degree of insulin deficiency.

All Type 1 diabetics need insulin treatment; individuals dealing with Type 2 diabetes will require insulin over time as their beta-cell function will gradually decline.

Some of the insulins used are either human insulin or insulin analogues, in the past Animal-sourced insulins were the only insulins available and a lot of people had allergic reactions to them, they are no longer produced now.

Still, they are made especially for people with a reaction to biosynthetic insulin which is ironical.

side effects of insulin injection

Some of the common side effects are mild allergic reactions such as swelling, itching or redness around the injection site this can happen for a short time and is usually self-limiting

If you do notice these reactions every time you take an injection, then it is time to bring it to notice to your care provider.

Some of the other serious side effects of insulin is Hypoglycemia or low sugars, and this can happen when you are :

  • Taking a higher dose of insulin
  • Delay in your food timings
  • Inadequate food intake
  • Overexertion and exercise.

Weight gain is also another common side effect seen when a person is started on insulin, and commonly you would notice 2-5 kg of weight gain, which will last for the first few months.

Sometimes the weight gain persists beyond the first month this is seen because of compensatory eating because of mild episodes of low sugars which increase hunger.

Lipodystrophy is seen when you repeatedly take the insulin injection in the same area, and this causes changes to the fat underneath the skin forming lumps and leads to the insulin not being absorbed which leads to uncontrolled blood sugars.

The new generation insulins have been designed to be safe and convenient, learn about proper insulin sites, techniques, rotation and storage and you are sure to be far from any of these side effects.

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