Does Diabetes make you Tired?

Yes, the feeling of being persistently tired/ exhausted is a common problem in diabetes.

diabetes and tiredness

There are many reasons why this happens:

  1. Diabetes causes an increased level of glucose in the bloodstream. However, cells of various body tissues are unable to take up this glucose, either because of a shortage of insulin and/or resistance to the actions of insulin and thus suffer from a shortage of it.
  2. Sleep is frequently impaired in diabetics, because of having to pass urine often and/or drink the water due to a sense of being thirsty always. Sleep may also be affected by pain in the limbs which is common in diabetes. Due to disturbed sleep, patients tend to feel tired.
  3. There are various medications used in diabetic patients, aside from anti-diabetic drugs themselves, which may contribute to the feeling of fatigue: examples are beta-blockers and statins.
  4. Sometimes people with diabetes end up having hypoglycemia attacks, where the glucose level in the blood becomes dangerously low as a result of certain medications and/or improper meal timings. This results in severe fatigue which may take time to recover fully.
  5. Diabetes patients are also more prone to develop heart disease, kidney failure and nerve damage. Also, infections are more common in diabetes. These conditions themselves may cause persistent tiredness.
  6. Also, depression is a frequent accompaniment of diabetes. This tends to be associated with lethargy and tiredness.
  7. Type 2 diabetic patients are frequently overweight or obese. This excess weight also tends to cause tiredness in patients.
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